Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer performance opportunities?

Yes! We do twice a year recitals for kids aged 3-18. We also do master classes once a month with top performers and musicians in the area. Finally, we do workshops and community performances throughout the year. Check our calendar and keep on top of your newsletter emails to see them all!

How do I motivate my child to practice?

Check out your Tonara media files for tips on this, and don’t be afraid to schedule a 15 minute chat using doraymilessons.apptoto.com if practice is a struggle. We’ll help you get back on the right track. Tonara also rewards students for practice with points! Set up a rewards system at home to go along with this.

What do I need for lessons?

(Be prepared in case of weather emergency to have zoom set up on your device)

Piano: selfie stick, book(s), two devices, keyboard (88 keys, weighted) or piano, Zoom

Voice: two devices, Zoom

Guitar: instrument, one device, books, Zoom

Woodwinds: books, instrument, device with Zoom

Drums: instrument, books, device with Zoom

Do I need an instrument to do lessons? Can’t I just “try it out”?

We can definitely do a trial lesson. However, in order to actually gauge progress and have lesson content change from week to week (i.e. not repeating the same song over and over because we only see each other once a week or less), you will need an instrument to start lessons.

What if I have a weird schedule?

No problem! You can do schedule-as-you-go lessons! This is a different time every week and you pay per lesson. Visit doraymilessons.apptoto.com and book using one of the schedule-as-you-go options. If you’re not taking lessons with Rosalind, please reach out to get your teacher’s apptoto booking page.

Do I need a piano for piano lessons?

A keyboard is fine to start.

Can I sit in my child’s lesson?

Absolutely you can! We also audio record all lessons and have a pretty sweet waiting room with WiFi, coffee, toys, and refrigerated water if you would prefer to wait there. You can certainly run errands and come back too, or do an online lesson at any point if it’s more convenient for you.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

Go to doraymilessons.apptoto.com and select one of the makeup options.

What if I want to discuss mine or my child’s lesson progress or practice habits?

Use the same link from above (doraymilessons.apptoto.com) and click “15 minute chat” to schedule a time.

What about holidays?

We do makeups for holidays. We also have specific makeup days at the end of every month to offer a bit of a buffer in case of teacher sickness, holidays, or emergency power outages.

What about bad weather if I’m in person?

We hold lessons online over zoom for this.

What is the Zoom ID for lessons?

7996798089. There’s no password.

What about if I miss a lesson? Is my month prorated?

No, we do not do credits or refunds for missed lessons. As long as you give 24 hours notice though, you will get a makeup using the link above.

How do I practice at home?

Please refer to your files in Tonara and your to-do list.

How many lessons do I get a month?

Four. If your lesson falls on the 29-31 of the month, it is cancelled. These are makeup days.

Are there any discounts?

Occasionally we offer discounts throughout the year for new students. As a current student, you can also get a free lesson if you refer a friend!

How does payment work?

Most lessons are paid on a monthly basis, for weekly or biweekly recurring lesson times. Your invoice for the next month will be sent on the 18th of the current month and must be remitted prior to your first lesson of the month. They come through QuickBooks to your email. Cash, Check, PayPal, or Credit Card are accepted.

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