Master's Classes

Master’s Classes

Master’s Classes are a great way for anyone to learn from local and out-of-state music professionals who are leaders in music education, music therapy, performance, and music business. You don’t have to be a student!

You can choose to perform one minute of a selected song at a master’s class and receive feedback from your teacher, the guest speaker, and peers. Or you can sit in for the guest speaker only as an observer. Please use a second device if singing to play your backing track.

These classes are held over Zoom once a month. The ID number is 7996798089.

Cost for attendance:

25 full the hour (if performing only)

15 for the first half-hour (If watching only the guest speaker)

Master’s classes will resume in Fall 2021. Keep checking back to get the latest news and Eventbrite link to purchase tickets.

A Preview of Our Master’s Class Setup

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