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Check back regularly to see the latest & upcoming events and announcements from Downingtown Music Academy! The calendar is regularly updated with all of the information you’ll need to stay up-to-date.

The holy grail…playing and singing. Is it really possible?

The goal of this blog was always to help students, and here's the most recent question I seem to be hearing from students: "How do I sing and play guitar or piano at the same time??" Now, it's not easy, but what skill that's worthwhile is?  With a little concentrated...

8 Reasons to Take Lessons This Fall…

As back to school rolls around, you are probably thinking about your child's education and after school activities. Music lessons are an important supplement to your child's classroom. Here's why every parent should consider allowing their child to take lessons....

“I Can’t Sing, I’m Tone Deaf!” Six Music Lesson Myths Busted.

Oftentimes people avoid taking lessons because of certain preconceptions they have about learning music.  Well, guess what?  Anyone can learn!  I’m here to bust the myths and take away the excuses!  Here are seven common reasons potential students give up on their...

Making it in the Music World-what skills do you really need?

Preparing for a college audition?  Trying to become a professional performer?  These practical resources, skills, attitudes are what you need in your toolbox. 1.  The ability to sightread and understand music theory.  Yes, there are some musicians out there who have...

How to Sightread Successfully

One muscle we could all do with working out as musicians is that of sight reading.  Reading music is truly like reading a foreign language.  In order to become fluent, you must understand the structure and patterns of syntax.  Total immersion begins with sight reading...

6 tips for developing stage presence

When singers and performers are evaluated, often one of the phrases that comes into the topic of conversation is that of stage presence. But what is stage presence and how can a performer develop it?  Oftentimes it is presumed to be something you either have or you...

Your Vocal DNA

Ever wondered which voice part you are and which artists most sound like you?  Read on to find your vocal doppleganger! Finding your voice part is easy.  Your teacher will listen to your voice as your complete some ascending warmups on one pitch and listen for your...

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The Elusive Head Voice

A major concern of many beginning students is expanding their range.  So many potential singers subscribe to the belief that they “just can’t sing high”.  Many are shocked when in the first lesson with me, they are able to reach pitches as much as an octave or more (8...

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Downingtown Farmers Market

DoRayMi Lessons will be doing a student showcase on May 12th and May 19th at the Downingtown and Malvern farmer's markets, respectively. Check out our most talented students at these events and see what lessons can do for you!

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Vocalist master class

A group class which meets once per week for 45 minutes to practice songs for each other and the teacher and to give and receive feedback. Location and time TBA. Cost: 30 per class.

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Basic voice diagnosis

A one time only session that allows you to identify the unique strengths and challenges in your singing voice. The singer will be provided with a fill report and exercises tailored to help him or her meet his goals. Cost: 30 for 30 minute session

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Self accompaniment boot camp

Is your goal to prepare songs to play with piano or guitar? This class will teach you the skills needed to juggle both. In this 10 week session we will practice: accompaniment of a teacher or other singer basic accompaniment patterns tips and tricks to ease into...

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