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How to Belt Safely

How to Belt Safely

Many singers want to keep their voice in tip top shape in order to retain range, flexibility and power. No one wants to hassle of a fatigued voice or worse, vocal damage, right before a big performance! Aside from rest, hydration and good ole' singer's tea, here are some vocal techniques you should be practicing right now to make sure you understand how to belt safely.


Work on developing your head voice, particularly before learning to belt or attempt other singing "stunts".


Many singers want to achieve powerful sounds, especially in the age of Adele and Demi lovato. While there is certainly nothing wrong with belting (safely) or singing in your chest voice, you want to make sure you develop your head register to ascertain that your vocal cords stay flexible and agile. This will prevent fatigue, and allow the singer to reach higher notes, as well as transition smoothly through their range and riff with ease. Please belt responsibly.


Proper breathing is key to fueling your sound and releasing tension in the voice.


When the muscles surrounding the larynx are oxygenated and the singer is taking nice low breathes and slow exhales, any tension is more likely to be released, resulting in a relaxed and free sound. The singer is also less likely to be contorting muscles around the jaw and throat to control poorly executed breathing patterns and stop a heavy onslaught of air through the vocal cords. A relaxed voice is a healthy voice.  Check out some breathing warmups here.


Become friends with forward resonance.


Forward resonance is the act of directing the air flow from your vocal cords into the bones in the front of the face.  You should get a sense of vibration in the cheekbones, teeth and nose when producing sound while singing or speaking. Forward resonance is especially important for taking pressure off of the vocal cords if the singer is trying to achieve a louder or more controlled sound. Forward resonance will naturally carry the voice out into the room in a way that is effortless and effective.

Use these three tips to achieve a healthy and beautiful singing voice today!