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Daytime Music Camp in Downingtown, PA

Want to take your practicing to the next level? We offer music camp at Downingtown Music Academy in Downingtown, PA. Contact us to get started.

Why attend or have my child attend a music camp?

Camps are a great way for children to enjoy and experience music learning in a structured and non-threatening setting. The intimate social aspect of our music camps allows children to develop close friendships with peers who share similar interests. Our camps expose children to a wide variety of musical styles and origins, expanding their musical palate and understanding of different cultures. They are given the freedom to express themselves creatively through instrument play, crafts, and composition. We know that music learning has many physical and mental benefits for young learners, including improvements in literacy, focus, fine motor skills and emotional IQ. These camps are a chance for children of all musical skill levels to try out more formal musical instruction before committing to long-term lessons. Give yourself a morning break when the kids are back from school and let us introduce your child to the world of music in a fun and social setting! Image of two students writing in a notebook

Why a mini-camp? What is a mini-camp?

Our mini-camps allow children to build confidence in their musical skills in a safe setting that focuses on creative exploration. We take no more than 10 students for each camp, allowing students individualized attention that they will not receive in larger camp settings. These camps last 2 hours a day, so children who are getting adjusted to the camp setting can experience it without committing to a full day.

When will the music mini-camps be held?

We have two mini-camps. Our World Music Camp will take place from July 22-26 10am-12pm daily. Our “So you want to be a composer?” camp will take place from August 12-16 10am-12pm daily.

Where will they take place?

In Exton Mall’s Arts and Athletics Club Storefront.

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What options are available for the mini-camps?

World Music mini-camp in Exton, PA

Image of children gathered around a piano for choir In this camp students will be learning about music from four countries (Peru, Australia, China and Ghana). Students do not have to have any background in music to join this mini-camp. Students will be creating their own musical instruments, and collecting stamps on their “passports”. They will listen to the music from these countries and learn about native landmarks and animals. On the final day of the camp, students will be bringing in materials to show and tell music from their own family history and heritage. The goal of this mini-camp is to help young musicians develop an appreciation of music around the world and enhance their understanding of other cultures.

Cost: $299 for ages 6-12 Range of students in mini-camp: 5-10

So you want to be a composer? Attend our mini-camp in Exton, PA!

Does your young musician want to write their own songs? This camp offers them the chance to do so! They don’t need any background experience in music. In this mini-camp, we will focus on music listening, music making and composing. We will learn how to organize music, write a song based on a given title, and use motives (musical themes). At the end of the camp, parents are invited to a composer showcase during which our young composers will be performing their pieces!

Cost: $299.99 for ages 6-12. Range of students in groups of 5-10

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How to sign up for music camp?

Interested in signing your child up for a music mini-camp? Fill out the form below and we will get you set up!

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