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How to Practice a Song

How to Practice a Song

Many students struggle with the application of their skills after doing warmups or learning notes. Here are some ways you can apply your new skills to learn that killer vocal or piano repertoire, and better know how to practice a song-with results.

Flash cards.

Choose notes from the song to make flash cards with. This will help you target the notes you need to learn to be successful with the pitches. You can use ear training apps for voice or timed games for piano. Apps like Flashnote derby or staff wars are great for kids

Sing on your warmups.

Take a syllable from one of your warmups and use it to help you master a skill you are having trouble with for voice. For example, if your song sounds nasal when you are singing you could sing on “hoo” which opens the throat allowing the cords to stretch so you can reach higher pitches

Play scales using the key signature you are in.

if the piece is in the key of G, play scales and Cadences from this key signature prior to playing the song. This will help you identify sharps and flats more easily

Speak the words in resonance.

Speak high notes high and low notes in a low voice. As a result, this planning will help you place the sound in your body prior to singing

Work on left hand harmonically.

Identify melodic chords in piano pieces and play them with the right hand in order to start practicing hands together

Use percussion.

Tap your hands in order on your thighs in order to get hand switches down.

Use oral or movement cues to help yourself.

Conduct while singing to help yourself with complex rhythms, sing counts when playing piano. Use these tools to help yourself succeed on reading and practicing your pieces. Want more help? Get our FREE practice helper kit!