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Am I tone deaf? 6 Music Lesson Myths Busted.

Am I Tone Deaf?

When thinking about voice lessons, maybe you've asked yourself  "Am I tone deaf?". Oftentimes people avoid taking lessons because of certain preconceptions they have about learning music.  Well, guess what?  Anyone can learn!  I’m here to bust the myths and take away the excuses!  Here are seven common reasons potential students give up on their dreams of learning an instrument.   Music is for everyone, folks!  Not convinced?  Read on…
  1. “I can’t sing, I’m tone deaf!”

    This one really grinds my gears.  Is tone deafness real?  Yes.  It is a real neural condition called “amusia” in which the afflicted cannot hear the difference between two pitches.  Have I met anyone who is tone deaf?  No.  Why?  Because it is exceedingly rare.  Only about 3 percent of the world’s population is actually tone deaf.  You would know if you were because other people would hear that you spoke monotone, there would not be any inflection in your voice.  Have I had students who have had difficulty matching pitch at first?  Yes.  Those are rare situations, too.  However, after a few months of ear training everyone gets it.  The number of people, particularly adults who tell me they can’t sing because of imagined tone deafness is astonishing.  Don’t worry folks, I bet you aren’t tone deaf.
  2. “Only kids can take lessons, my time has passed”

    Not true!  The right music teacher can cater lessons to your needs, whatever your age!  If you are 4 and older you can take lessons!  Toddlers under that age can go to mommy and me music classes too, and start to learn about rhythm, movement and develop a lifelong passion for music.  Music can be accessible for all ages and abilities.  I have taught students ranging in age from 4-90 and I have done mommy and me classes for 9 months and up!   It’s never too early or late to incorporate music into your life!
  3. “I don’t have the voice to sing”

    Again, false.  Singing is athletic, yes.  But just like going to the gym regularly can increase your endurance, strength and flexibility, the right technical exercises for voice can expand your range, increase power and flexibility in your voice.  It takes time, consistency and patience but it can be done.  Some students do have more natural skill than others, just as some people are more naturally athletic than others.  But-the student who works hard and focuses will always win out over the one who just rides along on natural skill and refuses to work or take constructive criticism.  Singing is really just a matter of developing muscle tone, learning to relax and improve breathe control.
  4. “I really want to, but I just don’t have time to learn an instrument.”

    Do you have 5-10 minutes a day?  Then good news, you have time!  Learning an instrument (piano, voice or guitar, or whatever)  is just a matter of developing muscle control and coordination.  Frequency is much more important than long periods of practice time.  All you need as a beginner is 5-10 minutes a day, especially with voice, during which you don’t want to oversing while you are still learning.  If you can find the time to schedule in 5 to 10 minutes a day you will make progress with your instrument, as long as it is focused time and happens daily.  Get your planner out and make a standing date with the piano, and get ready to make your music dreams a reality.
  5. “Other people have told me I don’t have what it takes to learn music or sing, so it’s not in the cards for me”

    This is a very sad thing.  We should be encouraging and positive as music teachers! However, not everyone can find a student’s potential and help them to grow. As an old Zimbabwe saying goes:  “If you can walk, you can dance.  If you can talk, you can sing”.  If you have a song in your heart, don’t be afraid to show it to the world!   Find a good music teacher or try out online lessons with doraymi.  Ignore those who tell you you can’t do it.  They’re wrong.  Work hard, and you will succeed, I promise.
  6. “I travel regularly, so I can’t commit to lessons.”

    I love that!  DMA cater to jetsetters and long distance students everywhere with online lessons!  You can also purchase roll up pianos and portable keyboards when you are traveling.  Contact us to learn more!
Do you have any other fears that are stopping you from learning music?  Let us know.  We’d love to help you out and make your music dreams a reality!