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Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy

Tis the season!  For colds, stomach bugs, strep and more!  Bah Humbug!  Don’t fret, though.  You can keep your singing voice healthy Keep Your singing voice healthyby following some of these tips: 1.        Wash your hands!  We all know this, but you will want to do it thoroughly, and often.  Wash your hands after the bathroom, before eating, and after coming into contact with germy places (such as the subway) and people who are sick.  You will want to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat”  while scrubbing, to make sure you spend enough time sudsy. 2.       Hand sanitizer only goes so far.  This is more like 1a, but hand sanitizer is not a replacement for washing your hands.  It does not remove as many germs when just used alone.  You are meant to wash your hands prior to applying it. 3.       Drink water!  Hydrating keeps you healthy and is a natural decongestant. 4.       Vitamins are your friend!  Espeically zinc and vitamin c.   Emergency is really good if someone at home is sick, or to take preventatively. 5.       Use a mask if you need. Sometimes this can help if someone in your house is sick.  Make sure you wash all laundry and clean surfaces with Lysol if it’s a particularly nasty bug. 6.       Take probiotics!  They are healthy bacteria that help your gut fight stomach bugs. 7.       Don’t do food prep if you have been sick in the past three days.  This protects others from the spread of infection. 8.       Get enough sleep.  Your body can’t fight viruses when it’s tired. 9.       Finally, GET A FLU SHOT!  As someone who suffered from the flu several years ago, I’m telling you now, it is NOT worth the risk.  Get your flu shot, and get it early in the season.  CVS and Rite Aid do it for free!