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The Journey to Vocal Volume: Why It Shouldn't Be Your First Goal

When it comes to singing, aspiring vocalists often fixate on volume as the ultimate achievement. However, placing volume on a pedestal can lead to detrimental habits and potential vocal damage. Here’s why volume shouldn’t be your primary focus and what you should focus on instead...

 1. Healthy Technique Trumps Volume

Volume achieved through pushing and tension sacrifices proper pitch and breathing technique. True volume arises from a free voice devoid of tension, allowing for optimal resonance throughout the vocal tract.

 2. Focus on Resonance

Developing forward resonance enhances projection without strain. By directing sound vibrations towards the facial bones, singers can naturally amplify their volume without compromising vocal health.

3. Breath Management is Key

Proper breath control is the foundation of vocal volume. Learning to breathe from the abdomen and managing airflow ensures consistent volume without strain or tension.

 4. Compression Control Matters

Effective compression control involves closing the vocal cords without excess tension. This prevents breath leakage and produces a clean, powerful sound without strain.

5. Patience and Persistence Pay Off

Building vocal volume is a gradual process that requires patience and dedication to mastering healthy techniques. Rushing towards volume as a goal can lead to shortcuts and bad habits, hindering long-term vocal health and performance potential.


While volume may be the desired outcome, it should not be the initial goal for singers. Instead, prioritize mastering healthy vocal techniques, including proper breath management and compression control. With time and practice, vocal volume will naturally follow, ensuring not only a powerful voice but also longevity and versatility in singing ability.