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12 tips for motivating your kids to practice

When they first started lessons, their fingers were itching to strike the keys. But now the hard work has started. School and extra-curricular activities are piling up and its a struggle to get them to practice even once a week. Never fear! Here are some tried and...

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Audition and Performance Boot Camp

Do you have a special audition or performance coming up? We can help you get ready for everything from college auditions to community theater or even working on that special song for your spouse on your wedding day! The audition prep course is a five week intensive...

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3 singing habits that keep your voice healthy

Singers, Please Belt Responsibly! Many singers want to keep their voice in tip top shape in order to retain range, flexibility and power. No one wants to hassle of a fatigued voice or worse, vocal damage, right before a big performance! Aside from rest, hydration and...

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How to raise a music prodigy

Recently I was invited to write a blog entitled “How to raise a music prodigy”.  While the cringe-worthy title has some obvious pitfalls, let’s examine the reasons behind it for a moment. It was immediately clear to me that the person extending this invitation was not...

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Trouble reading notes? Try these tricks!

Oftentimes I come across students, especially younger students who have some difficulty reading music at first. Here are some of my suggestions for at home practice: Make it a fun, multi-sensory and colorful learning process! I use pipe cleaners, play dough, crayons,...

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Music and The Brain

LEARNING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CAN BENEFIT YOUR BRAIN IN SO MANY WAYS!  HERE ARE JUST A FEW: Improve literacy/reading fluency Increase spatial awareness Improve focus Improve motoric coordination Improve sequencing skills Raise IQ Improve multi-tasking skills Help you...

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